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We’re here to improve the confidence of Aussies through beautiful smiles.

A healthy smile means more to us than just straighter teeth; We pride ourselves on taking the right precautions to ensure your smile journey is as healthy as possible. Our local team are here to help, with the support of some of Australia’s expert dentists and oral health professionals.

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Australian Made with Local Support

Unlike other clear aligner brands, we design, manufacture, and offer service and support right here in Australia. That means minimal delays, more predictability, and a local team that is only ever a phone call away.

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Faster Treatment

No more waiting for international shipping and deliveries like other brands out there. Our treatment plans are all produced out of our Melbourne manufacturing facility, so we can get your aligners to you in the quickest time possible.

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Professional support from start to finish

We believe a smile is delicate and should always be treated by dental professionals; that’s why we go above and beyond to make sure your oral health is always in the hands of an Australian licensed dental professional.

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Premium Quality Materials

We’re telling it to you straight; it’s literally impossible to fabricate completely invisible clear aligners- but that doesn’t stop us from trying! We use stain-resistant and premium materials that prevent your grin from being hidden throughout your treatment.

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A Digital Process Matters

D.I…WHY would you take your oral health into your own hands with at home impression kits? Our process is digital for optimum accuracy and quality assurance. Get that putty out of your mouth, mate!

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Convenience without compromise

Our processes are aligned with the latest health rules, regulations and practises to make sure you see results quickly and safely. Your health is always our top priority.

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A solution for every smile

Our online assessment will help us determine the best treatment for your smile, whether directly through a SmileStyler Partner Dentist or at one of our 3D Oral Scan Centres. We know what it takes to get you your best smile ever.

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Delivered thousands of Aussie smiles

Every smile story is important to us, so we’re constantly improving our processes to ensure that SmileStyler is at the forefront of positively impacting Australian smiles and building confidence.

Our Story

We make smiles, locally.

SmileStyler® clear aligners are proudly Australian made and committed to improving the smiles of Aussies around the country. We combine dental know-how with high quality materials that are refined and finished with precision, and packaged with elegance.

We believe that a dental professional is an important part of the clear aligner treatment process, and we ensure that all our customers have this professional approach and care during their treatment.

SmileStyler has established a state-of-the-art 3D printing facility in Victoria that will continue to revolutionise the Australian healthcare industry. Most importantly, SmileStyler’s innovative manufacturing capabilities help improve the health and well-being of thousands of Australians.

Why SmileStyler?

Know the Facts

It’s not just a smile, it’s your oral health

Straightening teeth is different for everyone. Some have more complex cases than others, which is why we don’t leave your precious smile for you to figure out on your own.

We don’t offer at-home impression kits… why? Well it’s simple really, we believe that leaving you to take your own impression won’t provide the accuracy and precision you need to achieve your perfect smile. We believe a 3D oral scan through a SmileStyler Scanning Centre or through one of our Partner Dentists will give you the confidence that your oral health is in good hands.

The service we offer at a Scanning Centre puts you in the hands of a dental professional. An Oral Health Specialist will assess your smile, but more importantly determine the complexity of your case. Simple cases require less treatment time, while other cases take a little longer.

Unlike other clear aligner brands out there, we ensure that we take your smile and oral health through a professionally supported treatment plan.

If you require more complex treatment, we will refer you to a SmileStyler Partner Dentist that will assess what treatment is suitable for you.

Our fully digital scan-to-print process eliminates the cumbersome at-home impression kits employed by other leading clear aligner brands. It also avoids the substantial delays which can sometimes be the result of an analogue process.

Why SmileStyler?

The choice is C.L.E.A.R

A smile is more than just a first impression, a healthy smile is part of your overall wellbeing. From your teeth to your gums and even your skull, your smile is at the centre of a complicated anatomy and should never be handled without professional care. That’s why at SmileStyler, we ensure you have the support and expertise of clinical professionals throughout your treatment so you can be confident that the choice is CLEAR.


C - Certified Australian professionals

Your oral health is our number one priority, that’s why we ensure that every single treatment plan is designed, directed, and approved by dental professionals, so you can confidently smile knowing you’re in good hands.  Always be cautious of clear aligners or clear braces that are prescribed without the oversight of dental professionals.

L - Leading technology

Our process is digital, so that means no uncomfortable or inaccurate physical impressions that can change shape as the courier throws them in his delivery truck. Could you imagine how your smile would turn out!?

We use precision augmentation software to ensure the movement of your teeth stays right on track.

Our network of Scanning Centres and dental practices take every precaution to get you smiling safely, and in-line with the latest recommendations from governing health organisations. Every smile we service is X-rayed, scanned, and analysed before we proceed with your treatment.

E - Easy to get started

Start your smile story right now with our 30-second online assessment and we’ll help get you started! Our clear aligners can be prescribed through one of our Scanning Centres or through one of our many Partner Dentists. We don’t believe in at-home impression kits, when it comes to your smile… D.I.Y is for backyard projects, not your oral health.

A - Australian made, owned and operated

We pride ourselves on delivering value, without compromise so you can rest assured that your clear aligners are delivered quickly, your support is always local, and your smile is as bright as an Aussie summer.

R - Results for every smile

We’ve helped thousands of Australians transform their smiles and we know we can help yours too! Whether you’re an extreme case or just need some slight alignment, SmileStyler clear aligners are individually designed to fit you and your needs. Want to learn more about how you can get started? Take the online assessment to find out how.

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"I decided to use SmileStyler to straighten my teeth after a recommendation from a friend. The process was so simple and positive... My result was very pleasing and I highly recommend SmileStyler."

John Quin

"I didn't think I had the time or patience for a teeth straightening program and with this in mind, my dentist suggested SmileStyler. Overall it was seamless and effective for what I wanted but most importantly, my wife is happy - she comments that "your teeth are straight now” which is something I hadn't heard before, of course"

Steven Bell

"I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome of my SmileStyler treatment, and can't speak highly enough of the high-touch service that I received from start to finish. The product was recommended to me by my dentist (Dentology in Edithvale) and I can see why... Thanks so much for a great service and all of your correspondence throughout my treatment!"

Rory Doran

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