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How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of teeth aligners in Australia will depend on a few variable factors. For starters, the first factor that can affect teeth aligner cost is the severity of misalignment, as more severe cases may require a longer treatment plan and therefore a higher cost. In addition, not all dentists provide teeth aligner services, so it may be necessary to search for a specialist who offers this specific treatment. The chosen dentist’s overall fees and payment options can also play a role in the final cost of teeth aligners.

Overall, it is important to remember that investing in alignment correction can result in long-term benefits such as improved oral health and aesthetic appearance. It is worth taking the time to do research and find an expert who can meet your individual needs at a cost that works for you. So, many of our clients find that clear teeth aligners cost significantly less than they first thought, and are often pleasantly surprised by just how affordable they can be.

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Clear aligners cost

The smile of your dreams is priceless… but just became more affordable

Approximate Treatment Time
Treatment Type
Attachments & IPR
SmileStyler Active
Through a SmileStyler Scanning Centre


Approximate Treatment Time
4-6 months
Treatment Type
Mild to Moderate Cases
Attachments & IPR
SmileStyler Active Pro
Through a SmileStyler Partner Dentist or Orthodontist

A SmileStyler Partner Dentist or Orthodontist will determine the cost of treatment.

Approximate Treatment Time
4-6 months+
Treatment Type
Mild to Complex Cases
Attachments & IPR

Australian Clear Aligners

Why Straightened Teeth are Priceless…

Many of our clients will approach us with the question, “how much does it cost to get your teeth aligned.” So we’re on a mission to make teeth aligners cost the right amount and make them accessible to everyone. And because the results of this orthodontic treatment are so positive, we care about this being an accessible treatment option for all Australians.

Straightened teeth are an important part of your appearance and the confidence that comes with teeth straightening from clear aligners is priceless. After a quick and easy consult and a short course of teeth straightening treatments, you’ll soon begin to see the positive effects of teeth aligners. So if you believe aligners for teeth cost more than you can afford, think again! We encourage you to contact our team to discuss

Ask us about invisible teeth aligners’ cost, and treatment duration, and discover just how easy it is to enjoy straight teeth!

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"I decided to use SmileStyler to straighten my teeth after a recommendation from a friend. The process was so simple and positive... My result was very pleasing and I highly recommend SmileStyler."

John Quin

"I didn't think I had the time or patience for a teeth straightening program and with this in mind, my dentist suggested SmileStyler. Overall it was seamless and effective for what I wanted but most importantly, my wife is happy - she comments that "your teeth are straight now” which is something I hadn't heard before, of course"

Steven Bell

"I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome of my SmileStyler treatment, and can't speak highly enough of the high-touch service that I received from start to finish. The product was recommended to me by my dentist (Dentology in Edithvale) and I can see why... Thanks so much for a great service and all of your correspondence throughout my treatment!"

Rory Doran

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