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Product information, benefits, risks, and inconveniences

This document describes our product, the benefits of orthodontic treatment using SmileStyler aligners and the potential risks and inconveniences.

A treatment plan using SmileStyler’s aligners can lead to a healthier and more attractive smile. However, there are limitations and potential risks that you should consider before undergoing treatment.

Product description

SmileStyler is an Australian business, and our aligners are manufactured in Australia.

Our aligners are made of clear plastic and are removable. They work by gradually moving your teeth in small increments. They are virtually invisible, comfortable, and convenient. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are also removable, allowing you to eat all the foods you want and giving you the ability to brush and floss like you normally do to promote better oral hygiene.

Treatment plan

SmileStyler will create a 3D orthodontic treatment plan just for you. This will entail the movements of your teeth and the duration of your treatment.


    • SmileStyler is proudly an Australian clear aligners company that is locally produced, owned, and made locally in Port Melbourne, Victoria.
    • Using the latest 3D printing technology and only high-quality materials, SmileStyler is refined and finished with stylish minimalism, and packaged with elegance.
    • Everything from the premium materials we use through to the high-quality packaging is crafted with style and function.
    • SmileStyler aligners are virtually invisible, comfortable, and convenient.
    • SmileStyler clear aligners are usually less noticeable than metal braces, which require visible wires attached to the teeth.
    • Your SmileStyler consultation will be conducted by an AHPRA registered and qualified SmileStyler Oral Health Therapist.

Duration and intended results

Like other orthodontic treatments, the use of SmileStyler® product(s) may involve some of the risks outlined below:

(i) Failure to wear SmileStyler aligners for the required number of hours per day as prescribed by your clinician, not using the product as outlined in your treatment plan and erupting or atypically shaped teeth can lengthen the treatment time and affect the ability to achieve the desired results.

(ii) Dental tenderness may be experienced after switching aligners as part of the recommended changeover period.

(iii) Gums, cheeks, and lips may be scratched or irritated when using clear aligners.

(iv) Given the anatomy of everyone differs, teeth may shift position after treatment. Consistent wearing of retainers at the end of treatment should reduce this tendency

(v) If foods or beverages containing sugar are consumed, and patients do not brush and floss their teeth properly before wearing SmileStyler aligners, tooth decay, periodontal disease, inflammation of the gums or permanent markings (e.g., decalcification) may occur. This may also occur if patient does not use proper oral hygiene and preventative maintenance.

(vi) You may notice that aligners may temporarily affect speech and may result in a lisp whilst in use.

(vii) SmileStyler aligners may cause a temporary increase in salivation or mouth dryness when in use.

(viii) Throughout the course of treatment, the bite may change and may result in temporary patient discomfort.

(ix) At the end of orthodontic treatment, further adjustments may be required. (x) Supplemental orthodontic treatment conducted by an external clinician, may be needed for more complicated treatment plans where aligners alone may not be adequate to achieve the desired outcome.

(x) Health of the bone and gums which support the teeth may be impaired or aggravated in some usage of clear aligners.

(xi) Some orthodontic appliances or parts of the SmileStyler aligner accessories may be accidentally swallowed or aspirated during the wear and use.

(xii) Although unlikely, problems may also occur in the jaw joint, causing joint pain, headaches, or ear problems.

(xiii) Allergic reactions may occur during treatment.

Importance of regular oral care

SmileStyler aligners and treatment plan are not intended as a replacement to good oral hygiene and regular dental examinations and dental care. Orthodontic treatment and the movement of teeth bring inherent and potential risks and side effects as described above.

Future aligners / retainers

A set of SmileStyler retainers will be provided in accordance with the eligibility of your prescribed treatment. SmileStyler retainers are to be used as prescribed by a SmileStyler clinician post completion of treatment.

Questions and returns

If you have questions, concerns or receive a product that is damaged or faulty please let us know by:

Calling 1300676545 or

Email: [email protected]

Testimonial Image
"I decided to use SmileStyler to straighten my teeth after a recommendation from a friend. The process was so simple and positive... My result was very pleasing and I highly recommend SmileStyler."

John Quin

"I didn't think I had the time or patience for a teeth straightening program and with this in mind, my dentist suggested SmileStyler. Overall it was seamless and effective for what I wanted but most importantly, my wife is happy - she comments that "your teeth are straight now” which is something I hadn't heard before, of course"

Steven Bell

"I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome of my SmileStyler treatment, and can't speak highly enough of the high-touch service that I received from start to finish. The product was recommended to me by my dentist (Dentology in Edithvale) and I can see why... Thanks so much for a great service and all of your correspondence throughout my treatment!"

Rory Doran

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