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Clear aligners that benefit both your practice and your patients.

At SmileStyler, we know that leading practices are founded on these absolutes. Which is why we offer an aligner that benefits both patients and your practice.

Dental excellence takes skill, dedication and the confidence that only comes from recommending superb specialised products.

Provide more services for your patients and give them the smile they deserve. SmileStyler is Australia’s first clear aligner for aesthetic orthodontics. Gentle and easy to use, it is designed for patients of specialists and general practitioners alike. SmileStyler offers a host of practitioner benefits including the following. These include:

Australian Made and Supported Locally

Designed and produced in our dedicated Melbourne facility, providing local clinical support and attentive after sales service. From case approval to your door in under a week.

Easy To Use

SmileStyler’s dental technicians and clinical advisory team of Australian orthodontists and dentists make it easy for you to prescribe and deliver predictable outcomes, regardless if you have little to no sequential aligner therapy experience.

Phased Delivery

Delivering a limited sets of aligners at a time, with an intra-oral scan* between each phase. This scan dictates how the next phase of aligners will be manufactured so that all aligners fit perfectly. This effectively eliminates unforeseen delays and costs that are related to mid-course treatment restarts.

*SmileStyler also accepts physical impressions

Integrates With Existing Restorative Workflow

Phased delivery is especially valuable for general practitioners performing an increasing number of restorative procedures, such as implants and veneers. Incorporate clear aligner treatment with your restorative work in SMILECHECK®, SmileStyler’s web portal.  This ensures that all aligners fit even when a restoration is done halfway through your patient’s orthodontic treatment.

Fully Digital

SmileStyler is 100% digital and integrates with intra-oral scanners to streamline patient turn-around time on all restorative and clear aligner work. Contact SmileStyler and see how you can obtain your own intra-oral 3D scanner.

Training Programs

Training and mentoring programs for all experience levels in clear aligner therapy, enabling you to treat the most difficult cases and accelerate your clear aligner revenues.

Predictable Outcomes

Phased delivery, intra-oral scanning and advanced aligner material delivers outcomes your patients expect.

Faster Treatment Times

Reduce treatment times by up to 50% with SmileStyler’s Express options, which incorporate VPro5™ from Propel Orthodontics.

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